Legal Note

From time to time there may be information on our Web Site that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions. However, Cilek Store Pty Ltd does not bear any legal responsibility due to any change on product information. Please do not forget that all the data displayed on the web site is for information purposes only, so the most recent and accurate information is to be provided from your closest showroom.

Cancellation Fees

Cilek Store Pty Ltd shall not accept a cancellation of any products if you simply change your mind unless Cilek Store Pty Ltd chooses to do so at its absolute discretion.  If Cilek Store does accept a cancellation for a change of mind, the customer must pay an amount of 10% of the total order reflecting the costs incurred by Cilek Store when initially placing the order for the customer.  Cilek Store shall offset this amount against any moneys already paid by the customer for this product/s and refund the balance.  For any charges over and above what has already been paid to Cilek Store Pty Ltd, the customer must pay such amounts within 7 days of any request made by Cilek Store Pty Ltd.

Freight Terms & Conditions

Where "free delivery" is offered Cilek Store Pty Ltd will act in the best interest of the customer when sending goods at zero cost to the customer, however in some circumstances when the freight cost is above the budgeted cost to Cilek Store, the customer will be given options to either "come to the party", provide a different address which is under the freight budget or cancel the order.